« A workshop exploring YOUR connection to YOUR life »

Joins us a we continue the exploration of the fabulous YOU. Movement, fun, discussion and meditation, ending with a unifying Yin Yoga practice, integrating all we have experienced.

- Deepening your awareness of the nature of the ONE life force.
- Exploring together that You are the creator of your own reality.
- Experiencing through simple tools how to interact with this in daily life/reality.
- An 80 min long Yin Yoga practice, travelling into the depths of our connective tissues.

Yin yoga, is a passive and meditative practice, targeting the connective tissue and joints in the body – rather than stretching muscles. This practice, through long held simple poses( 4 to 6 minutes) increases our flexibility and range of motion in a deep and effective way, may increase bone density, and enhances our vitality and overall heath.

The workshop is accessible to everyone, the meditations will be held in english, the yin yoga in english and french.

Price: CHF 70.-
Reservation: MindBody Online
Information: +41 22 700 82 19 | info@namaha.ch | www.namaha.ch